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Strengthening and broadening the network is our work! Here is a list of the services we have been providing over the last 18 months. In the next several months we will be expanding our service to the network, including a great new website!

Quarterly Summits

Summits are an opportunity for leaders from each group to meet face-to-face to cross pollinate best practices, build relationships, inspire and support new ideas, troubleshoot challenges, and advance leadership skills. Summits are convened at public events and in private full day gatherings. Public events not only provide the critical face to face relationship building needed, it also has an outreach function that brings the work of SCALLOPS to the general public. Private full day gatherings provide SCALLOPS membership with a comprehensive opportunity to explore every aspect of organizing on behalf of organizing sustainability initiatives in our region.

The Commons Cafe

The Commons Café serves three major goals for the SCALLOPS network:
1. To support and inspire community-building, information sharing, education, and skill-building through small group café style dialogues that are set up at sustainability events throughout the region and coordinates a unique array of focused, moderated, one hour dialogues on a variety of topics from public transportation to urban agriculture with the many participating nonprofit and sustainable business groups.
2. To serve as a major outreach vehicle for the network. The Commons Café includes brochures, sign up sheets, and flyers from every SCALLOPS groups which allows a festival participants to become aware of the sustainability work happening throughout the Puget Sound..
3. To provide the foundational public SCALLOPS Summits.

Start-Up Consultations and Presentations

Presentations to small and large groups focus on sharing about the SCALLOPS network; helping incubate and inspire town and neighborhood sustainability start-ups; and sharing best practices.