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Sustainable Communities ALL Over Puget Sound (SCALLOPS) was founded in 2007 as a nonprofit network created to advance regional sustainability by providing opportunities for sustainability groups in the Puget Sound area to build relationships, share resources, and educate each other on the successes and challenges of pioneering grassroots change at the community level.

With Vic Opperman (Sustainable Ballard) and Neva Welton (Sustainable Bainbridge) at the helm, SCALLOPS has grown in both size and scope. In the last eighteen months, SCALLOPS membership has increased from a core group of three towns to over fifty groups representing towns and neighborhoods throughout Puget Sound as well as outlining areas. What's more, SCALLOPS has become the go-to place for incubating new groups and is recognized as the collective outreach mechanism for regional sustainability groups.


Our quarterly SCALLOPS Summit at the Future Festival in Port Gamble on August 2nd was a huge success! Eighteen sustainability groups from three counties shared best practices, helped each other with challenges, and generally had a fun and inspiring time. We will post our report soon!